Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Know Why the Caged Tiger Sings

With the U.S. Open in about a week, golf fans and assorted people that check in from time to time are wondering if Tiger's back in top form.

After previous talk of sex addiction, among other problems, he slowly but surely came back after the torture he suffered from his "problems" and the media two years ago.

Yes, I even wrote about it while it was happening. Terribly.
[This was back when the blog was only about three weeks old and I had no idea what I was doing with it. I want to puke knowing I wrote some of this stuff in the very beginning.]

This Sunday, Tiger Woods 'rallied' as ESPN referred to it to win the PGA Memorial Tour, tying with Jack Nicklaus for PGA Tour wins. After watching replays and such, he did look like the old golfer everyone started hyping about back in the late 90's. Some of those shots were being marveled over by oldies and newbies alike, and honestly, I'm pretty happy for him. Why? The media and every other big thing isn't riding on his back like before.

Let's look back for a little bit. When this whole thing with his ex-wife happened, he was a poster child for a lot of male products like razors. He was a huge male icon in the world of golf; the whole world was watching him. People might not understand the game of golf, but they knew him and knew how good he was. When the infidelity scandal happened, everything just went out the window. His endorsements went sour, his image was tainted, and then all comedy outlets raised all kinds of ...
All of the coverage was probably enough for a weaker man to commit suicide. Over the next four months, he shot out of the public eye, fired his caddy, finalized his divorce, and ended his endorsement deals. Throughout this, the media still attacked him, making all of these accusations based on reports made by neighbors, relatives, and other people closed to him. Soon after, he practically went into hiding and started fixing himself. Apparently he went to therapy for this so-called "sex addiction" (which I still think is strange on how there's an addiction to that), and he then began working on his material again.

To put it simply, Tiger Woods came back to the game on a clean slate. And it's helped him.

In the past year, he's come back slowly but surely, and is golfing very well. In golf age, he's still relatively young at 36, and he looks like he's got a clear enough mind to keep going for a long while. Even the old guys like Nicklaus still have faith in him.

That's what so cool about life. You can start over again in some facets if you want to. Sure, there are going to be idiots out there constantly heckling you, but what Tiger Woods has done to overcome the things he went through two years ago and nabbing titles is pretty impressive. All we can do now is wish him the best in the U.S. Open.

Welcome back to your form, sir.


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