Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! - The Tim Lincecum Pro-stume

Note: For those who have no idea why I use the title "Pro-stume," it is a mix of the words "project" and "costume." End of commentary.

Okay, so firstly, I wish all of you a happy and safe Halloween night. Since I'm an oldhead, I've been relegated to giving out candy to young kids who don't really deserve it because they abuse the sugar privilege much like how some adults abuse alcohol. But that's enough of that.
The big reason why I'm writing on a chilly night like this is because of the little idea that I had around this time a week and a half ago while watching the NLCS on FOX [on mute].

After watching Game 4 of the NLCS and seeing all of the camera cuts they were making on Tim Lincecum, I had a stroke of genius. I started thinking "HEY! I have the same exact hair length that he does! If they were whistling at him in Philly as if he was a female, then maybe I should be onto something!" And the idea was born. I was going to dress as Giants ace Tim Lincecum for Halloween. I was fully aware that I was not going to be able to go to my school's Halloween Dance or go trick-or-treating, but the challenge alone would give me some entertainment and some stress relief as I made the costume.

Saturday, October 23 - I drove to a craft store with a friend to pick up some items for the occasion. Let's be honest, there was no point in me ordering a Lincecum tee-shirt and a Giants cap for $35+ on MLBShop where I can make my own fake merchandise at a way more inexpensive price. In all, I wound up spending a little over $10 for my stuff. I finally get home, and the project began. I started printing "stencils" out, and started drawing on the hat with an orange paint fabric pen and then tee-shirt as well as highlighting the lettering on the shirt with my squeezing fabric paint bottle.
After about three hours and a clinching victory, I had created these items:

Not too shabby for someone who isn't artsy, eh?
Friday, October 29 - The test day. Since I live in Philadelphia, the city that is still recovering from a postseason defeat and recovering from the Eagles' massive troubles going into a bye week, I was skeptical. To hide my identity, I wore my friend-famed aviators and drove up to school. Believe me, I was stared at several times on campus, but no vocal dissents were to be heard. My music ministry director thought I was dressed as a "Giants fan" which I guess can be considered close enough to what I was aiming for. My close friends got a kick out of what I did, and that felt good on the inside. To even poke more fun at what I did, I brought a right-handed glove and ball with me (I felt backwards with it since I'm left-handed) as well as a fake marijuana blunt. I did this to joke on Lincecum's marijuana possession charges from around the same time last year.

TODAY - I wore the shirt to work and put the hat and aviators on after my shift. A co-worker claimed that "I only did it for the hair," which is partially true. But since I haven't made a costume in about four years, I thought that it was about high time that I challenged myself and caught some people's attention with it. While giving out candy to trick-or-treaters, I got a lot of "Giants suck" comments and "that's not right"-related sayings from parents while giving their kids candy. Note that I didn't have the fake blunt on me this whole time; that was just a joke for Friday. But at any rate, I felt comfortable in what I did. I had a lot of fun this weekend.

And You'll finally get to see what I look like. (No hooray here.) I will not show the picture of me taken on Friday since I'm making an offensive joke to a professional athlete and I don't promote the practice of what is represented. I'm like C.J. Wilson...I'm "straightedge." Dead serious.

Aaaaand here we are:
 I didn't add the orange effects. The room I was in was dark and had orange window lights. I thought it was a nice touch.

The makeup job I did was brutal. I paled my face out, darkened my eyebrows, and added emphasis on my nose and apples of my cheeks.
Don't worry. I got all of it off.

And that was my weekend in a nutshell.
Now...back to drafting my writings as usual. Schoolwork too.