Friday, August 13, 2010

What REALLY happened to Chipper Jones

(Now with photo scripting action!)

[August 10, 2010 - One hour before the first pitch...]

"Hey, Chipper! I know that there are a lot of quirks and superstitions in the game of baseball. Can superstitions and curses heavily affect good teams like ours?"

"Now rookie, you know that superstitions are only superstitions, and there's no such thing as curses, no matter what those Cubs fans say."

"B-but Chipper! Friday the 13th is coming up! Aren't bad things supposed to happen or something?"

"You know what, kid? You're pretty funny. If you keep thinking that way, you're gonna mess yourself up."

(During the sixth inning...)


[After the game...]

"I seriously can't believe he just f(BEEP)ed with the baseball gods."


Hope your Friday the 13th didn't suck. :-)