Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Baseball, the love of my life, has unofficially begun. Four teams (and two college teams from Florida) squared off today for their first exhibition games. Here are the scores [from MLB.com]:

Pittsburgh --- 6
Manatee - Sarasota --- 1
F/7 innings

Detroit --- 13
Fla. Southern College --- 1

NY Mets --- 4
Atlanta --- 2

Ah, yes. In 70 degree weather. I would kill for that action right now.
I've always wondered why they would get specific colleges in and around the Florida area to play the pros during spring training exhibitions when they usually get killed. I wouldn't say it looks "degrading," per se, but sort of a mismatch when it comes to level and experience. However, it makes sense that it gets the college kids--err, guys--ready if they plan to continue on with baseball after college. It's like saying, "Thought you were good? Really? Y'think so? Let's see if the Detroit Tigers baseball team thinks so," and then they come in and clean your clock. Is ego deflation fun to watch?
I watched a college team last year (won't say who because God forbid someone from that school reads this, hehehe) that was built solely on power hitting and big, beefy guys. Didn't matter that they could field or pitch every single day or anything as long as they can hit a home run each time they're up. They didn't do so hot last year, if that explains anything. If they faced the Phillies last year and got killed, that would have been the best one-sided battle I'd have ever watched. I would expect the Mortal Kombat "BRUTALITY" animation pop up out of nowhere once the spanking was over too.

With that rant aside, I'll try my best to update with more exhibition scores as it goes on.


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