Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Michael Vick: Falcon, Former Convict, Eagle, Reality Star...Now What?

With Donovan McNabb's stay in Philadelphia confirmed (much to some Eagles' fans dismay, mind you), QB Michael Vick is kind of looking in another direction. Remember when he was a star quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons? Everything was going fine, and then he got caught in that dogfighting ring. With all that aside, he's shown that he was sorry, and then showed NFL fans that he never really lost his touch as a football player. One last thing, he has some reality show on BET. No idea what it's about. Wiki it or something.

Getting stuck watching Eagles games in my house and seeing the very few plays that Vick was involved in, he was excellent. He was also in excellent shape too. Then again, it was something new not seeing McNabb in the OB role for Philadelphia. According to this NFL blog, he's looking to be a new asset for the Carolina Panthers.

You know how terrible I am about talking football, so read the article here.


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