Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vancouver 2010 - OH. MY. LORD.

For one night, Canada isn't considered America's hat. Today, America is Canada's grill.

I watched the gold medal match between the US and Canada this afternoon. In all honesty, that was definitely the best hockey match I've ever watched in my 19 years of life. Ryan Miller is MVP of the tournament, and he deserves every ounce of that title. Sidney Crosby--very infamous to Flyers' fans--scored the winning goal in OT to take Canada to the top of the podium with a score of 3-2. I will admit, I bet Sid's a nice guy, but not knowing him, he comes off as a whiner and a very conceited person. Yes, I can tell he loves hockey, but good gravy, it looks like you care too much about what you look like before you play the game.

Anyway, seeing the signs of "Hockey is Canada's Game" made me a little irate. See my post of the first US/Canada hockey meeting.

That's about it for now. For the final event of the 2010 Olympics, go here.


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