Saturday, August 7, 2010

Now Playing - THE 2010 NFL SEASON

In the words of Joey Styles: "OH MY GOD!"

(You're welcome, male readers.)

Ah, so after six long months, the sport apparently more American than hot dogs, apple pie, and the elephant and donkey is about ready to come alive. I don't think any football fan can be happier at this point. There have been many ups and downs, new additions, and new hope from rookies since the Pro Bowl in February.

However, I've been reading lately that there has been a lot of drama in almost every training camp across the country. From things to numerous injuries to stars and rookies alike to "chickfights" and disagreements between rookies and the pros. Will this season be worth waiting for? Most likely. If so, there are going to be some massive problems and ongoing injuries. But see, this is the NFL--everything seems to turn out right in the end for some unknown reason. It's like high school theater all over again. Take it from me. I did theater in high school and you can't even imagine the problems the cast went through; whether it was fighting over how the double-casting fared out, which nights people got, and who was being a snitch and what have you. Sports are like soap operas for men, so why not have a little drama thrown into the mix to get the men talking? Okay, women might talk about it too, but the guys won't let them into their fantasy talks and their Sunday football rituals and their beer. It just happens to be like that every year.

Coming from a person who doesn't necessarily "worship" American football and just watches it because it's one of the only things on television on Sunday afternoons, it's like we're back in the stone ages or something when men sit on the one side of the couch with the big dive in the cushion they call "their spot" while in a "thinker" pose with a beer in hand while the women are either making dinner, snacks for the men in the "football sanctuary" or "man cave," or stuck watching the big game in the kitchen. Then again, this might not be the case in every home. Humor me, I'm picking at a stereotype and doing a tribal dance around it with a kazoo in my hand.

A long while ago, I was reading random columns throughout the Internet, and I stumbled across the statistic that in reality, you're only watching about 11-12 minutes of actual playing time out of the full 60-minute regulation game. The rest of the time is for consulting plays and running the clock out for the sake of running the clock out to screw the other team over. I've had countless arguments with people (all of them guys, in case if you were wondering) saying that football is all strategy, strength, and speed. Okay, they might be right on that, and it might be a game that's so strenuous guys can only really play that hard once a week. I just can't see how people have been going so crazy over the sport since it's inception in 1869 (Wikipedia knows all) and seeing the kinds of injuries these men go through and how it affects their futures outside of the sport. [Side Note: I'll actually be covering that on a future blog, so stay tuned for that.]

Since the school year will be approaching for me soon, I'll be home a lot more often on Sundays, so this year I'm going to try and follow football a little more and act like I care about it a little more. Maybe I'm missing out on something.

Now I feel like playing some Tecmo Superbowl for the NES. Oakland Raiders vs New England Patriots, anyone? (Har har har)

Oh, let's not forget that I'm not going to be missing out on La Liga or the remaining MLS games. They make Sundays fun too.


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