Friday, July 30, 2010

Jersey Shore

No, not that stupid reality show that everyone flipped out about last night because of the new season. I'll be there for the week starting tomorrow. Not in Seaside Heights, but farther away. I know you will miss me, all four of you.

For your entertainment, here are some fun pictures I made on FaceinHole for the occasion...

Oh look, here's Jonathan Papelbon, Tim Tebow, and Landon Donovan!

And here's the lovely LeBron "Snooki" James muscling out of jail!

And here's "The Si--" uhh...Cristiano Ronaldo. Here's a funny story: during the World Cup, people were actually thinking that Ronaldo was "The Situation." Ha ha

Look at Cliff Lee rocking out!

What a lovely cheeser (and tan), Chad Ochentaycinco.

Have a fantastic week, folks.


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