Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Best Game I Have Ever Watched

(Sounds like a third grade essay title)

Alright, so for those who keep hearing about Ubaldo Jimenez's no-hitter, this isn't what the post is about. You read that right. I'm actually talking about the other know, the one on FOX.

Mets and Cardinals, Santana and Garcia starting the game for both teams, game starts at 4PM EST. Santana gets strikeouts galore. Does anyone care? Not after what happened a couple of hours (yes, hours) after that. Garcia was done after 5 innings, and Santana was done after 7. The score was a pair of goose eggs for the next 11 innings after that. Same game, people. If you were looking for an entertaining Saturday night, I bet you could've found as much hilarity as myself and my boyfriend did.

You see, we turned the game on in the sixth inning and later turned it off for the Phillies game [we later concluded that the idea was really really bad]. Around the 4th inning or so, they had a score shown for the game just previously talked about, and it was in the...14th inning. Me and Keith's response? "SCREW THIS!"

We then proceeded to watch the last 6 innings of this 6 hour and 53 minute game. Kenny Alberts and Tim McCarver were clearly getting bored after a while, that they went on and talked about what happened around this time in 1877 (the invention of the catcher's mask). It got more random when McCarver noted that it was the year after Custer's Last Stand. "Thank you, T-Rex." Once the six-hour mark was reached they went and gave the graphic "Things You Can Do in 6 Hours Or Less." They included:

1. Fly from Miami to Seattle
2. Cook a 12-14 lb turkey
3. Watch the last 6 episodes of 24

Even better, the Cardinals ran out of pitchers, so guys like Felipe Lopez and Joe Mather graced their presences on the pitching mound, while starting pitcher Kyle Lohse showed his outfielding skills. More fielding hilarity ensued afterward. That, and even after 6 hours, K-Rod can blow a save. After a while we started rooting for the Cards since we wanted the game to go on longer and have them capitalize after leaving more than 20 guys on base. I can't tell you how much we jumped around in my living room after K-Rod blew the save. But alas, it didn't last much longer. After a Mets run and a save from Mike Pelfrey (of all pitchers, hahaha), the game ended after 20 innings and loads of laughing.

I loved last night.


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