Thursday, February 21, 2013


Not a sports-related blog post. I'm basking in my successes today.

I still can't get over the fact that I stuck with something for over three years. Go me!

It was about this time of day three years ago that I created The Sports Nut Blogs. While the site didn't exactly look like this (it was black with a purple banner, for those who don't remember), it was something that has given me much therapy and means of procrastination while I was still in college.

Three years, over 200 posts, and over 10,000 hits later, here we are.

I wasn't sure on how to celebrate this considering that I celebrate the blog's existence by writing in it as much as I do. While it doesn't get the biggest of exposure like most sports blogs, I'm certainly proud of what I've done with it. It gives me a release in life. It's not written in the traditional style of reporting--heck, that was the last thing I wanted to do. If you actually take a look back at the first two months' worth of posts, they're A - lousy, and B - poor attempts on trying to be an editorial reporter. I had eventually gotten my niche over the first summer and since then, I feel like a way better writer than I had ever dreamed of.

Believe me, I look back on the first two months of the blog and I go: "What on God's green planet was I thinking then?" The truth is, I was trying to get started on something. I had originally figured that if I had gained strength at something that interested me that this was the way to start. As some of you might know, my sister is also a writer/blogger as well. I will admit that she's a better writer than me, but that doesn't mean I won't be giving her a run for her money soon. Like I've said in my profile, I wasn't really an English person back in high school. Grant it, I loved theater and stuff, but writing wasn't my strength (although I could spell you under a table) and I hated doing research. Once I had rekindled my love for sports, that's when it all started to collide. And that didn't suck at all.

These are several things that I learned while writing in this blog:
-- Technically, I can't really refer to my blog as SNB without getting slammed somehow. For the uninformed, SNB is short for Swiss National Bank. As you can tell, I didn't think things through when coming up with a name.
-- When I came up with "Sports Nut Blogs," I didn't make it clear that the word "Blogs" in the title was supposed to be a verb. Now you know that it's supposed to be a verb.
-- I have to make sure that when I use an online image that it's from a site that's safe for work. The one picture I used in a post about golf had dangerous content on it. And I was wondering why I was having a difficult time with blog maintenance that week...
-- I seriously don't mind not getting paid for this. I mostly use this for training and therapy. However...if you see this and would like my services, I would have to ask for pay. Sorry folks.
-- I personally don't care if not a lot of people read this. It's mainly here for people who stumble upon it and would like some humor or some fast facts. When it comes to my writing, I don't care about the quantity of posts; I care more about the quality of posts, and when people give a good reaction to quality over quantity, that's what I care about most.
-- My first 20-or-so posts on this blog are awful. If you want to read a college student attempt to be cool, read them. Buyer beware.

This has been a great three years of learning and writing. I have no idea where my writing could take me down the road, but I hope it will be to a sunny place where I can sit outside, drink tea, listen to the Phillies on the radio, and be happy with what I'm doing in life. That would be cool.

Here's to another three years!
Ah heck, I'll throw this link in here too. It's a catchy tune.

Happy 3rd Birthday, The Sports Nut Blogs!


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