Friday, July 27, 2012

...Do I Hear Tympani? Your TVs!

That must mean one thing...That this is...
An Olympic-sized introduction.


Alrighty, folks, we've made it to the point in time where there's a two-week stretch in which you can't say there is nothing to watch on TV. Today, the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London will commence, and thousands of competitors from numerous countries will proudly represent their respective homelands and compete for the ultimate prize of being named the best in their sport.

If you've been keeping track with Olympic coverage, some events have begun even before the opening ceremonies based on the massive involvement of it by many teams (It's soccer and archery, if you haven't been keeping track). Some may actually go simultaneously with the opening ceremonies (which is awkward, if you ask me). If this is all that will be playing in your household for the next two weeks, you may actually watch things that you never considered to be sports in your life. I'm talking about shooting, fencing, handball, equestrian, wrestling, and other various things they put on in the late hours. The more popular sports that people watch here in the United States are women's soccer (not the men), swimming, and gymnastics. I'll admit, it will be rather awkward not seeing Olympic softball and baseball on my television this season, but there are bound to be other interesting sports to watch. People like Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps will be all over television sets, and people will be squealing all over Facebook and Twitter over the big athletes that will become legends during these Olympic games.

Grant it, you might feel like a total dope if you get caught watching something like water polo or mixed doubles badminton, but it's kind of interesting on how much you become engaged in a sport you may have never watched before. For example, I was absolutely sick off my bum during the 2004 Olympics in Athens, and while I was laying on the couch one morning, I was watching mixed doubles badminton between China and Great Britain. That was probably the most exciting thing I had ever watched. Sure I was sick, but oh man, that was cool. Table tennis came on after that. Words can't express the feelings on that one. I'm not even being sarcastic either. At any rate, your mind can be opened when you watch the Olympics. I know someone who is now a big curling fan with thanks to the Winter Olympics. I will admit, I did get into handball for a little while, but who the heck plays that in the United States? Anyway, oh man, these events are hypnotizing.

In the cases of national news coverage, a lot of the hubbub involves David Beckham, a British native and world-known soccer player, who is allegedly "doing something special" during the opening ceremony. My brain says: "Him? I'm more interested in seeing his wife reuniting with the Spice Girls, for crying out loud." In reality, I'm excited for him. Obviously there's no glass ceiling for him, and he's a good sports poster child for doing anything in representing Great Britain. It should be a fun kick-off to the next two weeks of sports. Except...I really don't feel like hearing this as the theme song for the next two weeks. It's Muse's attempt to be Queen and it's absolutely horrible.

The Olympic games are unpredictable and have many exciting twists and turns. I'll admit I'm looking forward to it.


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