Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Red Whines: Why Filters are Always Necessary

(Per ESPN.com: Miami Marlins head coach Ozzie Guillen has been suspended for five games, effective immediately.)

This, and another topic have brought me out of school-induced hiatus. Both involve massive amounts of stupidity. However, I think this one takes the cake as far as stupidity goes.

For those who follow baseball, people already know about Ozzie Guillen. He's a open guy, and he will definitely speak his mind if you give him that inch. Heck, you should know enough of that if you follow him on Twitter.

With that said, if he as a head coach was traded, then you know that there's some sort of catch to this smelly fish. He's been infamous for saying loopy things in the past, especially to the point where co-workers even get pale in the face out of embarrassment. Our newest embarrassing comments include none other than Cuban ex-dictator Fidel Castro.

"I bullcrap, therefore, I am." -- He never said that, but c'mon...

Okay, he just stepped into a pile of Communism.

Paraphrased, what Guillen basically said that he praised Fidel Castro for his work as a leader.


Okay. He REALLY stepped in it this time.

Seriously? I understand that we're a free country and everything, but you also have to realize that Communism is still somewhat taboo all around the world--ESPECIALLY in the United States. Here's another sucker: WELCOME TO THE STATE OF FLORIDA: A REGION WITH A HUGE HISPANIC AND CUBAN PPOPULATION. Wow. You cannot blame senility on this one, SeƱor Guillen. It's time to buy a filter.

There are just times (in my honest opinion) where apologizing isn't going to do much good. Especially when it involves you being in a sport that is played by a lot of Cubans. Those Cubans were at one time or another a part of that Castro era of Communism. It's almost as if you're pointing a finger or two at them for letting Castro wreak his havoc on the island. It also doesn't help matters when Cuba has the capability of inducing chemical warfare. Okay, I might have taken that a bit too far, but still, it was pretty darned stupid to say something like that.

Was the suspension right? Yeah, from a media standpoint it definitely was. For the average layperson, it's either a suspension or a fine that will bring "justice." However, this never really stopped him from saying else incredibly inappropriate or harebrained. That's where buying the filter comes in. We understand the need for honesty in some cases, but when it comes to taboo, please, for the love of Peter, no. I understand that Twitter can be used for the people that just have the small comment to make on something small on TV. But like...the lack of filter even shows on there. It doesn't look good either if you're a well-known name. You just keep digging that hole for yourself and then nobody feels like dealing with you.

"I'm very sorry."
Oh...I guess that'll make it all better. YouTube and ESPN and everyone else will have to erase everything they've said and posted about you.

Ugh. Silly people saying silly things.


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