Monday, September 12, 2011

Red Whines: The Ultimate Athletic 9/11 Tirade

This will probably be the only time I will incessantly spew red, white, and blue from my mouth like a redneck in a pickup truck with a rifle in hand.

Now this here post is about AMURRKA.
(I explained on Twitter that this is how George W. Bush pronounces this)

As all of you know, yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Because the area that took the biggest hit of them all during that time was New York City, the New York Mets tried to make a nice gesture by wearing hats that represented the NYPD and the FDNY first responders. Major League Baseball said no. MLB wanted a unanimity with all players wearing the usual caps with the flag on the side of the cap.

Wait just a cotton-picking minute here...what??? They had a great intention to do so. It's not like the Mets were going to do that for the rest of the season, secede from the league, and then create new rules for their own league (which would be scary, in my humble opinion). They were being reverent. The whole state of New York went through absolute hell, and honoring the first responders in that subtle way would have been nice. The Mets went against MLB's request ten years ago in wearing the hats, why should this be any different? The one thing that confuses me is why Major League Baseball didn't allow these hats:

I thought these hats were the coolest ideas ever. Why weren't these worn yesterday???

I'm well aware that there is a rule that says that you cannot violate the uniform or "dress code," as it were. However, for a day like this, I feel like the rules should be bended on such a solemn day like September 11. Rules were made to be broken, you know. God forbid we all show some respect and patriotism among the people that go out there to protect and save our rear ends... Can't you tell this makes me mad?

I can understand that the NFL didn't do anything except for the unraveling of a giant flag by players and Armed Forces representatives, which is pretty much what baseball teams did around the country yesterday also. I have no problems with people staying uniform, but with a team like New York--a place that was in turmoil for nearly four months afterward--they should get a little perk, don't you think?

However, I have a theory: What if the Yankees did this too? Would Major League Baseball say something to them? After all, they are America's baseball team, and the Mets are lowly and dealing with bankruptcy and whatnot. I bet you dollars to donuts that if the Yankees did this along with the Mets, nothing would have been done about it. Sure, they allowed the Washington Nationals to wear hats to honor the US Navy Seals in August--but in batting practice. Are you kidding me? That's the team representing the nation's capital.
I understand that these games are televised and there's something being "advertised" on a cap, but do you think there are people out there that are going to take any further thought into it? There might be truth in the statement that police/fire administrations around the US may be a touchy subject, but again, on a day like this things should be a little different.

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go watch America's game.


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