Friday, July 1, 2011

Best Landing Spot for Donovan McNabb

(Well hello everyone; first let me introduce myself. I am AnimaniacZero’s boyfriend, my name is Andrew. Anyway, getting back on track here, while she is away in Florida she left me in charge of the asylum. I would like to thank her and Sports Nut Blogs for allowing me to be a guest writer for this piece.)

Living in Philadelphia during the 90’s through the 2000’s it is has been ingrained into everyone’s head that Donovan McNabb is possibly the worst thing to ever step foot on a football field. Being an outsider in my own city (For the record I’m a Steelers Fan) I’ve never had this opinion. I thought it was a mistake to trade him within the NFC East, and if it wasn’t for problems with the coaching staff I think if he stayed there he would win a Super Bowl before the Eagles do.
(Insert whole city of Philadelphia stoning me)

With the last sentence of the last paragraph there’s a better chance of me QB’ing the Redskins before McNabb comes back. So when this stupid lockout (another post another day) is over and free agency starts the question becomes if anyone will take a chance on him? I believe there are a number of teams that should look at him, he still has at least 3 good years left in him and could make an impact. Now let the love connection begin!

(AZ's Side Note: You know what? I'm just going to put a link of a picture of Chuck Woolery here for added pleasure.)
1) Bachelor #1 - Minnesota Vikings: (Front Runner in many people’s opinion)

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t we just go through this washed up QB thing with the Vikings?” And to those people I would say yes, but hear me out on this: the Vikings just can’t seem to find “that piece” they need, because when you look at them they are a pretty darn good team. They have consistently one of the best defenses in the league, up and coming superstar wide receivers Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin. Oh and did I forget to mention they have ADRIAN FLIPPIN' PETERSON! (Boomer Sooner...)

Now this seems like a perfect situation. But there is a main thing keeping Donovan from getting his plane ticket and freezing his rear off in Minnesota. That main reason is Christian Ponder--don’t know who he is? Well that’s good cause neither do I! But he was the Vikings first round pick this year, and apparently Coach Frazier is putting “his stamp” on this guy. Now do I think Ponder is the future franchise QB of the Vikings… no..

2) Bachelor #2 - Oakland Raiders:

To any true football fans this idea should come as no shock. Is there any reason why McNabb would fit in Oakland, no not really. But Al Davis loves taking players that have been banished by the rest of the NFL and saying “I can still use them!.” Now these next few sentences are going to be hard for me to say as a Steelers fan (puts on forced smile). The Raiders have a young defense that finished last season up strong and their offense is “not horrible.” This would be more of a project however than Minnesota, and if he were to go to a “project team” it would have to be the right one..

Speaking of the right team...

3) Bachelor #3 - Miami Dolphins

Now I believe that Donovan and the Dolphins would be a good relationship for him to end his career on. Like the Raiders, their defense is young and gave the AFC a run for their money in just about every game they played. Now unlike the Raiders the Dolphins offense is not in the best shape since Dan Marino left! Ricky Williams more than likely won’t be coming back (insert any “substance” joke here) and Ronnie Brown is a shell of his former self. The only upside that Miami has over Oakland is that they have a big time receiver in Brandon Marshall and a decent second receiver in Devone Bess. But for all you doubters that McNabb can work with sub-par receivers how many of you think we would of ever heard of Todd Pinkston or James Thrash or L.J Smith without McNabb. Don’t worry I’ll wait. (Stares)


In closing I don’t believe that McNabb is a great quarterback but I always have believed that he got a bad rap here on Philly. The man took a sub-par offense to the NFC Championship 4 straight years and got the Eagles to the SuperBowl once. He can still play and if he wasn’t getting ousted by the Shanahans in Washington he would have been good there. To all you people that thing I’m crazy or say “I'm not a true Philadelphia Eagles fan.” I would like to reiterate the fact that I'm not...

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