Sunday, December 19, 2010

AZ's Slant on Sunday - Yao-za!


Let's get a quick rundown of the big guy I'm going to be talking about right now:
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Yao Ming
Age: 30
Height: 7' 6"
Weight: 310 lbs.
Center for Houston Rockets

Okay, we have a Chinese giant on our hands. He's been gifted with height, ergo he was shown the ways of the basketball.
However, as of late, he's been having issues like this... (Yes, I went there)

What does this mean for the future of the gentle giant? It's not good. With as many injuries in such short time, it's going to take down some of his credibility and his overall ability on the court. Let's be honest here, kids, once someone starts getting hurt over time, they can get a little rusty. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, right? Sure, he's 30, but guess what? It's his ankle. Constant wear and tear on something like the ankle or foot can be absolutely pivotal on a player's future.

Come to think of it, it also does a world of hurt on the international involvement in American basketball. Remember that Spanish kid--what's his name? Ricky Rubio? Yeah, him. See, international impact is so thinly spread in this country that I can't even remember his name. He even caught on with my drift and didn't bother signing with the Minnesota Timberwolves last year. Heck, Allen Iverson went to Turkey to play basketball. That's how "uncool" we are, I guess. But honestly, when was the last time the NBA got a really huge international star playing on our soil? I can't even find that. Someone else probably could.

Without doubt, the advertising world sans-Ming for another season is going to lead to...well, more reason to hire another tall guy like Shaq to represent the height required to be considered a big NBA star. Believe me when I say this: when you're unique, you will be used to draw attention. Self-explanatory. I feel like we're back in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show again or something with the sensational attraction methods, but seriously, that's what guys like Yao and Shaq are mainly used for (honestly, it's not so much Shaq anymore...he's made a bigger name for himself, finally).
Example: Yao + Vern = Obvious.

But I digress in these cases. A hurt man can result in a hurt product, resulting in hurt relations around the country and in foreign audiences. It sucks, but what are you going to do? Accidents happen. I bet Yao will be a good sport about it. He'll still promote and do what he can while off the court.


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