Monday, November 8, 2010

The End of Eras

As the Major League Baseball season finally came to a close this past week, I'd like to take the time out to talk about four old men who have finally decided to call it quits in The Show. These men--Joe Torre (for now...), Bobby Cox, Lou Piniella, and Cito Gaston--have been huge men in the business for years, and now it is their time to just golf...and fish...and attempt to get on television as baseball analysts. Retirement sounds like a dirty word to these guys, but three of the four are in their late sixties, and Torre is already the big 7-0. How are we going to remember them? Easy. In humor.

Joe Torre
Supremacist of Yankees (and some Dodgers and Mets and Cardinals) folklore.
You knew how to talk up a Subway series.  
Not only could you talk a big game, you could certainly play a big game yourself in your day.
As a cancer survivor, you can say that you've won the World Series ten times over.
You carried a flame not just for the Olympic Games, but also for the men whose lives you have touched in your career in baseball.
Hey, if this whole "retirement" thing doesn't work out, you could always take up acting. You're pretty good at it, you know.

Bobby Cox
You're a man who fought for your boys. Sometimes we feel like your bench coach did more managing time than you did at some points.
As a leader of a dynasty in the 1990's, you knew how to make things click on all cylinders.
Although your own fielding career was short, you made a name for yourself in the dugout--and in the clubhouse.
After 2,500 wins, well over 100 ejections, and numerous playoff runs, you have called in quits, and the Braves organization will not be the same without you.

Lou Piniella
Ah, Sweet Lou. Sweet, sweet Lou.
You're another man who fought for his boys, and to be honest, you were quite colorful about it too.
Another man with a long on-field career, you made your way to the dugout to lead. Those rides were bumpy at times, but you did what you could.
You also took the time to make a trip to the broadcasting booth. Your wit and figurative language were so much it actually got a guy fired. [Dead serious, wiki that.]
You told us that dope was dope, and you liked to act and make fun of yourself as well.
Although you stepped down before the season ended, you still went out with a bang--a really, really huge loss.

Cito Gaston
A real reason to "fear the 'stache."
You're an example of a comeback kid, returning as Toronto's manager after ten years of...stuff.
Another thing, you're a ladies man too. Heck, you've been married three times, I think that's enough.
You had your ups and downs in your career and have dealt with controversies, but you've survived about 98.9% of them.
You make Canadians appreciate baseball. That really means A LOT.

To you four men: Godspeed, and may your futures may be filled with lots of hobbies. Maybe we'd like your opinions and appearances again someday.


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