Thursday, March 11, 2010

MLS 2010 - To Be Continued....?

Seriously, when I've never been more excited to start watching MLS, they start having financial issues and are threatening to go on strike since their collective bargaining agreement has expired.

Apparently they're nowhere near a new deal for the CBA, and with the season opener on March 25, the players are taking going on strike as an option. When players go on strike, it's never a fun thing. Remember the MLB fallout of '94? The NHL lockdown? When all the little girl soccer fans cried after the WUSA folded? (It's okay, girls, there's still WPS, which I probably won't watch even though Philly has a women's team now too) Anyway, it seems like nobody ever has a clue how to make a deal with money in organizations. C'mon, we've had professional sports teams for 125+ years now, and we still don't know how to manage all player salaries without having this big negotiation and putting the whole league and season into jeopardy? Last time I heard, they were willing to start the season under the old agreement, but supposedly that's no longer the case.

Seriously, this blows. I've got Philadelphia Union tickets for their inaugural home opener at Lincoln Financial Field on April 10. Can we not screw things up now, MLS? I know you guys aren't the strongest league in the United States, but can you at least think like one?

Here's a nice little article to read about it.


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