Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Hitting the Fan Now, Isn't It?

AP just reported that the Carolina Panthers have released QB Jake Delhomme.

Funny how I recently blogged about how Michael Vick wanted out of Philadelphia and was looking at Carolina. It really looks like "it" is hitting the fan rather quickly. Yes, Vick has something else on his contract with the Eagles, but with McNabb acting like a grazing bull for the next few years alongside his life partner Andy Reid, it doesn't look like Vick is going to be starting many games in green. At some points, he was actually used more as a running back then anything else, and I do feel a little bad for Vick because he wanted to come back as a starter and prove that he hadn't lost any skill amid the whole dogfighting controversy. I will admit that it was different seeing Vick as QB for the Eagles the plays (he sometimes didn't even make one play in a single game, ergo I type 'plays' instead) and seeing a different approach to the running and passing game.

Again, I'll let the actual article speak for itself.


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