Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Donovan McNabb - Geez, Philly Really Hates This Guy

So bad that even teeny tiny trade rumors are going out of control lately.
Frankly I don't blame them for their hatred.

So here's the thing: After the Eagles had another disappointing postseason collapse this year, fans are long awaiting the end of Donovan McNabb's tenure in green. He says that he wants to remain an Eagle for the rest of his career, but do other people want that? Ha ha. No. After watching him for so many years, it's pretty obvious that his career looks like the outline of a Greek tragedy.

For those who aren't familiar with that, here you go:

Exposition - The year was 1999, he was second overall in the NFL Draft that year, and fought to get the Eagles to the postseason for the first time since 1996. Having a decent rookie year, things looked up for Eagles fans.

Rising Action - 2000-2003 - He begins a fanbase around the country while putting up some stellar stats, and even muscling through some injuries (manning up on a ankle broken in three places? yes) and finally reaching the postseason. In the 2002 playoffs, he even faced his QB equal at the time--his own backup QB. (No, not Kevin Kolb, you dolt.)

Climax - 2004 - Hey, look at this! First Super Bowl appearance since 1981?! WOW. 'Nabbers put up some legendary numbers this season, avoided getting injured during the whole season (wow again), and had some good times in touchdown pass form with his 'ole buddy Terrell Owens. I'd get more into that, but TO has enough space on other people's blogs and columns on bigger sites. Anyway, they got there, but Tom Brady shut him down, killing the Eagles' hopes of winning their very first Super Bowl.
(Side note: NFL Championships don't count. If they did, that means the Eagles haven't won a championship in more than 50 years--the last time they won a big one was in 1960.)

Falling Action - 2005-2008 - After a mental recovery from Super Bowl XXXIX, the Eagles went back to the drawing board to make it back to the big dance. Although McNabb put up above average numbers in 2005, a groin injury sidelined him for some of it. This began a massive roller coaster ride for the next few years. 'Nabbers would have excellent numbers one game, and then the next game it looked like he was either half asleep, having a senior moment, or having no idea what was going on. C'mon, don't lie--we'd ALL like to know why he would smile so much after making an incomplete pass on a play that was really important at the time. After this, he was plagued with many injuries, and the Eagles would get breaths of fresh air from QBs like AJ Feeley, Jeff Garcia, and Kevin Kolb. After swirling rumors that he would not be back for the 2008 season, he comes back with a valiant effort, but coming up short in the next postseason appearance.

Conclusion - 2009-present - How you choke on two straight games to the Cowboys certainly beats me. I don't know. It's confusing. Anyway, after having a season of "rebirth" as some people call it, McNabb came back in 2009 for some revenge. He'd have good passing games, but then he'd throw interceptions and start that goofy smiling again. The rest of this is up for you to find out about the end of this. Eagles get knocked out of the first round by Dallas, Vick wants to go elsewhere, and Kolb hardly gets playing time. Who will start next season?

As a Philly resident, I'd like to see McNabb bid farewell after an eleven-year run here. I'd hate to call him a has-been, but he reached the peak of his career years ago, and now he's shown his vulnerability to injury. Would I like to see Vick in his spot? Ehhh, get back to me on that one. He's about as old as McNabb and has been injured as well, but he gave a lot of Eagles fans hope about what he had to offer after being gone from the game for a while. As for the 3rd stringer Kevin Kolb, he deserves a bit more of a chance to spread his wings (no pun intended). If he played more consistently, he'd be a heck of a starting QB. Why did they get him to begin with?

Here's the latest on the McNabb trade rumors.


OH, and I figured I would use this edit to make a list of why people want Donovan to go.
1 - He's not Brett Favre
2- His momma Wilma was making money for him at some point
3 - He's not Brett Favre
4 - His QB rating from week to week can be compared to menopause
5 - Eleven years of "there's always next year" for Eagles fans

Any more? Place them in a comment or something. Make me chuckle.

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