Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big "Bad Boy" Ben. Wow, say that five times fast.

When athletes win, they like to celebrate "the right way" and go out to the latest hotspot. Jeez, not like it's anything new[PS - the page is NSFW, but I'd like to get the point across].

Looks like Super Bowl XLIII champion QB Ben Roethlisberger (<-- His last name should be on the championship word list in the Scripps Howard National Bee) might be in some hot water after an incident while barhopping in Georgia on Friday night. Party girls, they're--well, I think you can pretty much put any adjective in here that you like when it comes to girls who party hard at nightclubs. Not my department.
Anyway, he has been accused of sexually assaulting a college girl (her name hasn't been released) and charges have not been filed on this account. On top of this, he's been accused of several other different things such as rape and whatnot. All of a sudden this all comes out at once. How does that happen, media? You like to throw all this dirty laundry out at once to make the guy sound that much more perverted? This is like the Tiger Woods case, where they decided to throw out information that he's been with all of these women and what have you. I'm not defending them or anything, but don't you notice that when an athlete does something questionable, all of these other allegations start popping up out of nowhere? It's a wonder they didn't bring back the story of Big Ben wrecking his motorcycle back during his rookie NFL season just for kicks (no pun intended). As a side note, these things probably didn't come up all at once in the news in the Pittsburgh area, but in a national spotlight, it always seems to.
Supposedly he will be interrogated about this and hopefully get everything straightened out about this. You kinda have to wonder, what are these guys thinking when they do certain things?

For the full article on NFL.com, go here.

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