Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vancouver 2010 - USA vs. Canada: Chick Fight for the Gold

Remember that whole crazy neighbor war from Sunday night? Tonight was basically it's younger sister having a harsh PMS session. Tonight wasn't the night for the Americans to party however; the Canadian women brought the honor of the sport back into their country by winning 2-0 in the gold medal match. Eighteen-year old Marie-Philip Poulin scored the two goals for Canada [side note: when you hear of a girl younger than you doing this stuff, you wonder what you've done all your life]. Throughout the game the announcers kept calling her the "female Sidney Crosby." I did not see facial hair on that girl. You not so funny people. [Insert rimshot]
There were also a whopping 11 penalties committed during the game. With all of the physicality during the match, it reminded me of that scene from Mean Girls when Lindsay Lohan (drug-free at the time) tackled Rachel McAdams in a daydream.
You could clearly tell that the US players were tense and nervous; the passes weren't very clean, and once the puck was stolen from one of them, they would nearly draw penalties. Head coach Mark Johnson, one of the US players from the 30-year old "Miracle on Ice," wasn't able to keep these girls cool during the game.

You know what though? If I were a member of the US team, I'd be happy with how far we had went. They blew out the oppositions just about every game, and took down Sweden in the semifinal game--as Sweden upset the US in the semifinals in Turin in 2006.

[Side note: At least I wasn't Slovakia and have my team blown out by Canada 18-0.]

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