Friday, February 26, 2010

Vancouver 2010 - DQ MY EYE, IOC

For those of you who watched the 500m gold medal race in which Apolo got disqualified for no reason, I probably swore more at the television than you did.
He touched nobody; he was in the last position, for Christ's sake. He almost fell himself because of the collisions going on. Oh and by the way, gold medalist Hamelin actually touched the Korean skater before he wiped out. Is the referee biased? I certainly think so. Apolo is taking it with a smile, and I have no idea how...I saw tears during his interview with Cris Collinsworth and I can tell he wanted to break somebody's nose. Now before I get people attacking me for being biased because he's a great skater, I'm gonna stop now.

That is all.

I'll post an article when I find one. I missed the final race and only saw replays because of driving-related issues.

UPDATE: I found an article not just on Ohno, but on other speedskating news as well.


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